Welcome to Married and Bright. I'm Annika. 

I started this blog (formerly annikadotbenitz) when I was in college working on my BFA in Fashion design as a way to keep my family and friends up to date on my school projects. From there, it morphed into a daily outfit blog, and then to what it is today -- a glimpse into my life, with a focus on fashion, food, parties, and crafts.

I'm a California native who came to LA by way of Boston (I was just passing through to pick up my degree and my husband!) I'm a fashion designer, business owner, newlywed, dog mom, cheese lover, shoe collector, and binge baker. I hope you'll stay and poke around my blog a little bit! Feel free to ask me anything! I love to chat! Just email me at annika@expectmaternity.com

Full disclosure:
Married and Bright features sponsored posts, paid advertisers, and affiliate links. This means that I sometimes receive gifts care of my sponsors, and may make a small commission off of some of the links on this site. However, all opinions shared are my own.