Bloom Workshop Recap

I never want to stop learning. That's why, last summer, I decided to put efforts into improving myself as a business owner. Part of that meant paying for online tutorials and consulting, and joining groups that discuss women's issues and social media strategy, and attending workshops and conferences. Without fail, every time I partook, I left feeling refreshed, motivated, and excited to get back to work.

So, when Bloom the Workshop came across my instagram feed, I felt compelled to attend. I'm always looking to improve my blog and social media pages, but what I was most excited to learn about was the photography and styling especially as it pertains to the wedding industry -- my new chosen career. The best part about attending workshops and conferences in person is meeting other like-minded people. I wouldn't even call it networking... It's more like bonding. And for me, that's instrumental in feeling connected to my life and my career.

Michaela and Ashley we're such lovely hosts, making me and thirty other fine young ladies feel quite at home at Regale Winery by greeting us with coffee and breakfast. When we took our seats, we were treated to a gift bag chock-full of most welcome goodies. Then, it got right down to business -- literally! Our hosts covered the basics of blogging, social media, and branding. It basically lit a fire under my ass because I have a lot of updating to do now that I run a new business!

During a delicious lunch (which featured a wine tasting, yum!), we each got our head shots taken by the uber-talented Ashley Slater. I can't wait to see how mine turned out!

Ashley gave a post-lunch photography tutorial, which empowered me to shoot in manual on my DSLR, which I had always been afraid to do. That encouragement alone was worth the price of admission. After Michaela's lesson on event styling, we got the chance to put our new skills to the test, which resulted in the photos below. You'll have to forgive the amateur nature of my photography from here on out, because I'm officially ditching the iPhone and shooting all my blog photos on my DSLR.

Of course, the photo shoot ended much too soon, but we were welcomed back into the conference room with slices of cake.... Which I'm never mad about. 

I was really thrilled to see Shannon Willardson on the Q+A panel, because I have followed her blog for the longest time. I'm happy to report that she is just as sweet, funny, gorgeous, stylish, and smart as she comes across on her blog and instagram

I was super sad when the workshop ended and I was literally the last person to leave because I couldn't help but linger to soak up the last moments of a wonderful day. 

The Bloom Workshop | Floral Design: Natalie Bowen Designs | Table Rentals, Flatware, Dishes, etc: Pieces by Violet | Venue: Regale Winery | Makeup and Hair: Camille Monique Beauty | Cakes: Sweet Tooth Confections | Gown: Sarah Seven | Design: Michaela Noelle Designs For The Bloom Workshop