I Don't Work Out

Last month, Jessica and I attended a Bloom Gathering hosted by Krysta Masciale. Bloom Gatherings are like baby Yellow Conferences that happen once a month. This one was all about goal setting -- and achieving. I've had getting in shape on my to-do list forever, but never actually made myself do it. After attending one evening with Krysta and having a pal to keep me accountable, I finally just effing did it. I went to my first yoga class! And I'm going to another one at the end of this week.

The secret to finally getting my ass off the couch, I think, was this amazing tool, a workbook called START, created by Krysta and Ruthi, that breaks goals down into yearly quarters.  By setting goals that should be achieved in 3 months or less, the unattainable is broken down into bite-sized portions that are much more manageable. See, instead of saying, "I'm gonna lose 10 pounds," I decided to just try and find the kind of workout I was comfortable with and would do again.

By breaking down a bigger, more long-term goal, into mini goals, the pressure to achieve is alleviated, and I'm met with a satisfying sense of accomplishment when I get to check off a simple task from my list.

START recommends setting goals in a few different categories, including work, networking, investment, personal development, financial, and family & friends. I didn't set goals in every category, but I have three more quarters to get to the ones I missed or still feel need attention.

Other goals included paying more attention to my blog (check!!), working on relationships with female friends, and very simply, just deciding what I wanted to do about my career. I've hashed that whole issue out over here.

When Jess and I left the gathering, we we're like "Yes! 2015 is gonna be out bitch!" After what felt like a rough 2014, I'm looking forward to taking control of this year, and shaping it into what I want it to be.

Big thanks to Joanna Waterfall for putting the whole thing together.