Clothes Before Bros

Apparently, I'm really into graphic tees paired with skirts right now. There's just something about wearing your heart on your sleeve your opinion on your chest. As I wore this Clothes Before Bros tee walking down the street, I noticed that other women were smiling more at me. A barista even said to be, "I have a boyfriend and I share that sentiment." Hello, lady. I have a husband and I'm totally down with this. Clearly, this three word statement was vibing with other gals.

Let's be honest, I would never put my actual wardrobe before my man, but here's how I interpret it: put yourself, your happiness, your passions before anyone else. Never let a dude tell you what to wear. My girl, Jessica, has started this amazing movement called #idressforme. The essential idea is that you should dress to impress no one but yourself. Everyone should be able to freely clothe themselves in whatever fashion they choose without fear of stigma or personal harm. Jessica's hope, which I ardently share, is raise awareness for sexual harassment and assault. A mini skirt is not an invite. She wasn't asking for it by wearing a low cut top.

Furthermore, just because you enjoy fashion, doesn't mean that your don't have a brain. I've always gotten the feeling that when I tell people about my career as a fashion designer, or my collection of shoes, that they suddenly start to think that I'm not very bright. It's as if a penchant for the sartorial automatically means your straight out of Clueless. You think that's all I do? I'm just a ditz with a credit card?

Perhaps, I should put less stock in what others think of me, but let it be known: I'm actually pretty smart. I'm really good at fractions, and I use geometry almost everyday. Those facebook vocab quizzes? I pass them with flying colors, every time. I even beat my dad at Scrabble last Christmas. So there.

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