The Dress

As a fashion design and fashion lover, the wedding dress was one of the most important elements to my big day. I tried on about fifty dresses before deciding to just make my own. I kept thinking about how challenging and stressful it would be to make my own dress, but the more I tried on dresses, the more I began to believe that my dream dress couldn't be bought: it had to be created. Here are some shots of the finished product. I luuuuurve the way it came out and I wish I could wear it all over again!

During most of the wedding planning process, I was determined to wear three wedding dresses. Two dresses are for sissies, I declared! I ended up going with one and a half dresses, and boy am I glad! I constructed a layer of swiss dot tulle to go over my dress like a apron. Halfway through the reception, I scampered upstairs and removed the top layer (only held on by one button), and swapped out my shoes. It made the rest of the night so much more comfortable. It got a little silly after that!

I have every intention of posting a making-of series behind the dress. So, stay tuned for that. Any other awesome brides make their own dress? I would love to hear your stories!