Resolve 2015

Well, New Year's Day has come and gone and I haven't made my resolutions yet. Last year it took me until February to get around to it. I like the idea of resolutions because I'm always thinking about ways I can improve myself, my business, my marriage, my blog, etc. Fresh starts are really appealing to me, and a brand new year always resonates as a good place to start again.

1. Don't shop. I've decided to do another #yearwithoutshopping again. 2013 was a huge success and I actually loved not feeling anxiety about buying the newest, greatest trend, or worry about spending too much money, or feeling like I might have buyers remorse. With that perspective, over the course of 2014 I carefully invested in closet staples that I knew would stand the test of time. Now that I'm fully restocked, I think it's time to take another break from spending. I know a certain roommate of mine will be happy about this resolution.

2. Blog more. I've had this blog for almost five years (!), and it's always been something I enjoy working on regardless of followers, readers and statistics. Sometimes I get so tied up in my many jobs, or just result to watching hours of TV to relax or have fun. I'd like to spend more time working on something productive that I also enjoy.

3. Dress better. This may sound funny coming from someone who calls herself a fashion designer and blogger, but let's me honest: there have been so many mornings lately that I roll out of bed, throw on some pixie leggings and a tee and call it a day. Seriously, no shower, no makeup, no style. It's gross. I always feel better about myself when I'm wearing a fun outfit or trying out a new lipstick. Look good, feel good. That's what it's all about.

4. Cook more meals at home. When we first got married, I was all about meal planning and eating together at the dinner table. As our lives got busier, Alex and I stopped eating healthy, and fell into a routine of chipotle, kraft mac n cheese, and grocery store sushi on the couch, often times while the other one was at work. Processed meals alone on the couch are sad. I want to try new recipes and eat them together more often.

5. Join a gym. I have been vowing to do this since high school, but I have never, ever been a gym member. I don't even know how to work most of the machines or what to actually do when I'm there. It's really scary, but I would like to be a person works out, so I'd better get on that.

Anyone else into resolutions? What are yours this year?