Chile Honeymoon: Day 4, part ii -- Viña del Mar

When: Sunday, October 13th, 2014

Where: Viña del Mar, Chile

Weather: Low 60s, windy, and cool.

When Alex and I arrived in Viña, we attempted to lie out by the pool, but it was both chilly and bright, so we gave up on that idea pretty quick. I was glad to get some use out of the second bikini I brought, anyway. The wine was finally catching up with me and I desperately needed a nap. When I woke up, we decided to head to Valparaiso for shopping and dinner.

We took a cab about 3 miles up the road from the Sheraton in Viña del Mar to Sotomayor Square in Valparaiso. We were a bit surprised to find that most of the shops were shuttered and the square was empty. I asked the Carabineros what the heck was up and they told me that everything on Sunday after about 2 pm is closed. It should have come as no surprise that in a very Catholic country that Sunday was a day of rest.

We decided to cut our losses and head back to the hotel. We ended up having a really nice dinner overlooking the lights of Valparaiso, which was a close second to actually being there.

This outfit kind of sums up the Chilean coast weather. Warm enough for sandals, but after dark, cold enough to need a chunky sweater. I'm kind of obsessed with the chambray jumpsuit from Anthro. It's the perfect throw-and-go outfit, plus is doubles as a great beach cover up. I see getting a lot of use out of it next summer.