Chile Honeymoon: Day 4 -- Casablanca

When: Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Where: Matetic Vineyards

Weather: High 60s, comfortable and sunny

On Sunday morning, I experienced a miracle. I woke up with out a hangover. We had a beautiful breakfast that featured the freshest eggs and a juice I'd never tried before called custard apple. I have to figure out how to make it myself.

Right after breakfast, it was time for more wine! We took a ride up the road about ten kilometers to the tasting room and had ourselves a little tour of the whole wine making process. Then we tasted four wines. Our general assessment of the offerings was "mmm, good" meanwhile our fellow wine tourists were delicately sampling and describing the intricate flavors and notes... I guess we have a lot to learn!

After the tasting, we went to lunch in the gazebo building, and had, yes, MORE WINE! It was a five-course tasting lunch and each course was coupled with a wine pairing. We weren't keeping up with the pace of the wine pouring and at a certain point, I just had to tell the server, "no mas vino." She thought we were crazy for refusing wine at a winery, but we just couldn't handle it!

I was so full after lunch, Alex had to practically roll me to the car so we could drive out to Viña del Mar. 

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