Yellow Conference Take-Aways

Wow. I can't believe that it's October (my birthday month, woo!) already. September flew by in a blur. It was by far the busiest month of my life, so far. I only expect (see what I did there?!) that it will get busier from here on out. So, before too much times goes by, let me take a second to reflect.

It feels like September started on August 28th this year. I took what felt like a little bit of a leap of faith for me and I attended my first conference: Yellow. Being in a room full of women who want to advocate positive change in this world through their creativity, humanitarianism, and spirit was much a moving and inspiring experience for me. On the eve of the biggest launch of my business' short life, taking two days away from the studio felt really scary, but ended up being the best use of 48 hours I could have asked for at the time.

I think, even weeks later, I'm still processing what I learned there, but for now. Here are my main takeaways:

"Because of who we are … we have something to offer the world." -Sarah Dubbledam
I have always felt that I was put on this earth to do something more with this life than to simply go through it. For the longest time I believed that my "more," my great achievement, would be attributed to being a business owner, a fashion designer. But I'm here. I've arrived. I am those things. But I still feel a longing for something greater. I'm still not sure what the more to my more will be, but that brings me to my next point.

"Do as much as you dream." -Carlos Whittaker
So often, I find myself dreaming the day away with plans for the far-off future -- a small boutique! a warehouse! a house with a sewing studio out back! collaborations with major stores! seeing my designs on celebrities! having a thousand followers! -- that I forget to actually do, to act. What are the steps I can take to move towards those lofty goals? What can I do today?

"Do not despise your small beginnings." -Lindsey Eryn Clark
I'll readily admit that I sometimes get very down on myself about the state of my business, especially when I'm daydreaming about the future, or comparing myself to other small businesses. I have to remember that I've been in business for less than two years, and this, right now, is my small beginning. Everyone has to start somewhere. I'm working to embrace this season of growth and not be so depressed when it feels like I'm not making the progress I feel I should be making.

"Break up with your ideal self." -Allie Marie Smith
Along the same lines of embracing where you are now, is embracing who you are now. So what, I don't own a boutique today? So what, I'm not taller and thinner? So what, I don't have piles of friends? So what, I don't have a master's degree? So what, I don't live in New York and work for a major designer? (Was that a little too Drunk Uncle for you?) I'm trying to accept the person that I am today, and not worry so much about being something I'm not and will probably never be.

"It's not what you're passionate about, it's what you're willing to suffer for." -Hannah Brencher
Everyone has passions in life, but it is those who are willing to suffer for them who will be successful. I always say that I would make clothing even if it didn't pay. (And sometimes it doesn't.) I'm willing to stay up until 4 in the morning filling a custom order, run my hand over with a sewing machine, and push and push and push until this dream comes alive.

"Just ask." -Ashley Howell
One of the most practical business lessons came from the creator of the Givve Collection. What hurt can asking do? Need help? Ask. Want advice? Ask. Confused? Ask.... ask ask ask. The worst thing that anyone can say is no. And that's not so bad!

To other Yellow attendees? What did you take away from the conference?

Huge thanks to Joanna Waterfall for putting this amazing event together! I absolutely can not wait for next August!