Chile Honeymoon: A Guide to Packing for All Climates

Our honeymoon in Chile was pretty gosh darn amazing. I will admit, however, that packing for it was a little stressful. Chile is a super long country with many different climates, and we visited quite a range of places. From the city, to wine country, the beach, and frozen Patagonia, I knew as I was packing that I would need a wardrobe that would carry me through all sorts of weather and temperatures. Oh, and didn't want to check any baggage. 

I used my trusty Kate Spade Saturday luggage and miraculously, everything fit. KSS doesn't pay me to say this, but OMG I am obsessed with this bag! The shoe compartment underneath is key. I fit four pairs of shoes in there!

Generally, when I'm traveling, I limit myself to packing one item of clothing for each day traveled. For example, for this trip, we were traveling for thirteen days, so I brought thirteen items. For my trip to Boston and Upstate New York this past summer, we were only gone for ten days, so I only brought ten items of clothing. For this rule, I don't include socks, underwear, outerwear, or bathing suits because they are small and they don't contribute to an overall everyday outfit.

For each flight, I aimed to wear at least one of my most bulky items. Amazingly, my down jacket (c/o my mother-in-law) scrunched down to pretty much nothing, so I wore my chunky knit sweater on the plane to save room in my bag. Now for the full breakdown of what I brought:

I tried to pack according to a narrow color scheme: black, white, grey, and pastels. Once I had picked out the items I wanted to bring, I did what I refer to as "packing math" to figure out how many outfits I can get out of what I plan to bring, and if those outfits will be appropriate for where I'm going. I write down one major item, and then underneath I list all the pieces I could combine with it to complete an outfit. Packing math looks like this:

Black Pants
striped tee
striped tee + chambray shirt
striped tee + black sweater
striped tee + pink sweater
lace peplum tee
lace peplum tee + black sweater 
etc, etc, etc

I did this process for the pants, leggings, skirt, dresses, and jumpsuit and discovered that I could make over 40 completely unique outfits. Way more than enough for a two week trip! And the best part was that it all fit in a small carry on! Yay!