Birthday Girl

When: Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 -- My Birthday!

Where: Brunch and Movies

Weather: Mid-80s and hot!

For my birthday this year, I wanted to keep things simple and low key, especially since Alex and I were just getting back from Chile (seriously, posts on that coming soon!). I decided what I really wanted to do to celebrate was just feel normal and comfortable after a big trip, so we walked Bucket, went to brunch at Blu Jam, and saw Gone Girl.

Usually, I love wearing a completely new outfit on my birthday, but I pretty much blew my shopping budget buying new stuff for the honeymoon, so I treated myself to this J Crew skirt that was on deep discount. I've never tried a flirty, flippy skirt like this, so it took me a couple tries to get this look right. By high-low tucking this embellished tee I got last year around Christmas, I was able to define my shape, while showing off the shirt and the skirt as the same time. Bonus: tucking this way covers a post-brunch bump.

Urban Outfitters Tee Shirt (old) -- Similar
Vintage Coach Bag -- Similar
Frye Heels (old) -- Similar