10x10x10: In Flight

When: Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Where: LAX --> BOS

When I fly, comfort is of the utmost importance. But that doesn't mean I will neglect style! I spotted these drawstring chambray pants on fellow style blogger Sara Sabaliauskas' instagram account, and I knew I had to have them for my trip. Although no one could possibly wear them as well as she does, I love the fact that they are both comfortable and chic.

Another travel must for me is layers. I always, always wear a sweater and scarf on the plane to combat that blast of chilly air that is laser pointed at your seat. When I get too warm, I like to bundle them up and make a pillow. Comfortable slip on and off shoes (with socks!) make security a breeze (and keep your bare feet off the icky floor), and a crossbody bag big enough for my wallet, phone, and ticket are all I need. I whip my book and headphones out of my carry-on suitcase right before I take my seat.