Preppy in Pink

When: Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Where: Home Studio

In a city which practically relies on cars for its sole existence, waking up to an empty street made me feel like perhaps the apocalypse has actually arrived. Nope, just some road maintenance. Alex and I stood in the middle for a while as we took these pictures, and yes, it was pretty weird. I didn't know our street was so... wide.

I bought and wore this dress on Valentine's day, but since that date turned out to me something of a disaster, we never got the chance to take pictures of it. I've been wearing a lot of jeans and tees lately -- a look a abhor, however admit is very comfortable -- but now that Valley Summer is upon us, it's time to turn in the denim and shift for shift dresses.

I love this dress because while I has structure, it still feels very light. The scallop detail makes an other wise basic dress feel so special. I have a hard time defining my style, but I have to say that this look is decidedly preppy. To pump up the prep, I added my bow t-strap flats. So classic and cute at the same time.

For an added touch of glam, I matched my lipstick to my dress. Most of the time, but especially in the summer, I don't like to wear a lot of makeup. I've been having fun lately playing with shadows and eyeliners, but my tried and true, on the run favorite look is power, blush, mascara, and balm. I've gotten so fast at the routine, I can complete it while waiting at a red light!

Schutz Bow Flat | Splurge // Save