Pink and Gold Home Studio Makeover

I've been redecorating my home studio for about 5 months on and off, and, while it's still a work in progress, it is finally presentable! The original design was more of a big white box with yellow accents. Since we rent, I didn't want to paint the room and re-paint when we leave, so I tried to warm up the place with soft pink furniture and golden touches, while keeping the overall look clean. You can see my inspiration here. I hope you like what I've done with the place!

My office // hand sewing corner.
Pink cutting table, pink chair, pink flat file for patterns and packing materials, and a pink bag...

Where all the sewing happens.

My handsome office assistant.

Handy ikea closet with art from Essanel and Le Papier Studio next my well-loved filing cabinets, office supplies, and giant fabric hoard.

This amazing paper doll art piece was gifted to me by fellow MassArt alum, Evelyn Berde. It defines the whole room for me.

I am obsessed with my new studio -- it inspires me to make great work, and spend a little more time in there each day. I still want to recover the chair in the corner with the fabric that is draped over it, but other than that, this room has really become a reflection of my taste and style.

What do you think??