Pretty Pink Pout

When: Monday, May 19th, 2014

Where: Home Studio

I haven't posted in a couple days because it's been so flippin' hot here in LA, and I mostly have been rocking the wet-hair-in-a-bun look while sewing sweating in my studio, which, by the way, doesn't have AC at the moment. Temperatures finally dropped from the 100s today and I had a chance to wear some pieces I picked up at the Anthro mother's day sale last week!

I usually bee-line straight for the sale section when I shop at Anthro, because, let's face it, with a artist's income, I don't have $$$ to throw at the latest boho-quirky-chic trends. Since they were offering a discount on full price purchases, I got to take in the full-price glory of the entire store while enjoying a cup of yummy sweet tea. I found this polka dotted flouncy tee, and I just couldn't say no... Especially with the discount and the remainder of a birthday gift card burning a hole in my pocket. 

I also picked up this stretchy rik-rak-y skirt on deep discount... Seriously, how could I resist? I finished off my outfit with a pair of ugly-cute sandals I grabbed at TJ Maxx when my poor feet couldn't take the heat last week. This sweet pink enamel locket was a gift from my mom when we visited the SFMOMA members sale when I was in town last month. I guess it's safe to say that this whole outfit was a bargain!

I also want to thank everyone who read last week's post about finding meaning in the fashion industry. The whole message of that post was about how I love connecting with people... and it connected me even more to those around me. Gotta love that!