Honeymoon Dreaming: Euro Trip

As promised in my last honeymoon dreaming post, here's the follow up. Alex and I are still vacillating between many vacation locations, but our latest scheme is to take a trip to Europe and see parts of the world neither of us have ever seen. Maybe fly to Barcelona, drive to the South of France, and take a train into Switzerland? We are road trip people and really enjoy spending time together in the car watching the scenery go by. As such, I thought a versatile, comfortable wardrobe would do best for long drives in the car, and exploring different cultures.

The idea here would be to pack some neutral pieces that can easy mix and match and blend together, while including one statement piece -- this coral red cape blazer -- to add a pop of color and some interest without having to pack around a huge suit case. I am a habitual overpacker, so the idea of packing a small carry on full of neutrals is both appealing and daunting.

What say you? Any Euro packing tips? Cities we just can't miss??