On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Today was a pretty special day -- my uber-talented husband got his first real office!! I am so proud of him.

I've watched his business from the beginning, and this moment feels really huge. When we met, he was working at a booking agency outside of Boston and recording shows on nights and weekends. I still have texts from him from the winter of 2011 saying, "I booked a gig for this weekend! And I'm charging for it!!" That spring, we moved in together (right around our 5 month anniversary), and we starting talking about the future... I knew I wanted to move back to California, so we made plans to visit LA, just to see if we liked it. When we returned to Boston, he made plans to quit his job at the end of the summer, and move out west.

He bought a new camera and sent me pictures of his new, beautiful, color-coded recording rig. He filmed his friends perform in bar basements and recital halls. He mixed tracks hunched over our Ikea coffee table. And when the end of August came, a few days shy of his 23rd birthday, he gave his two weeks notice.

He bought a car and we packed it full of everything we could fit. We filled two palettes full of even more stuff, and we set out on the cross-country road trip that would seal our fates. When we arrived in LA, he hit the ground running. He solicited gig after gig, often working for free or very little money. I even let him work on my 23rd birthday, because I knew how much he needed the work.

Months passed and he started working more consistently. Pretty soon, he stopped soliciting work -- it was an endless stream of recordings he could barely keep up with. Watching his business flourish gave me the courage to quit my retail job and take a stab at making my dream happen, too.

We moved into a new apartment, with a more spacious layout and separate room for me to use as my office. Alex still worked out in the living room, but he now had a beautiful mid-century desk he bought from a local vintage store. It was the kind of purchase that said, "I'm really doing this!" Work kept streaming in. Clients came over to hear mixes and sat on a folding chair next to his desk. I made them lemon bars to make them feel more welcome. Alex worked and worked and worked. He'd come home well after midnight most nights and still rise before nine in the morning to try to keep up with all the editing and mixing. But it was a lot of work and his backlog was simply piling up. I tried to help by coming on shoots with him, carrying gear to his car, typing up title cards and credits for him. But even with my help, he was still in a hole. So, last week, Alex hired an assistant.

With the assistant, came the urgency to move his work space from where it was spilling over onto our new dining room table. On Monday, we went to look at this light-filled, newly renovated, local office. Today he signed the lease.

I am so filled with pride and excitement, I feel like I might cry! Alex has worked and planned tirelessly not only to grow his business, but to provide for both of us, and I couldn't be more grateful! Here's to my hard-working husband!!

We took these photos in his new, empty office with the sunlight streaming through, using Alex's new favorite camera -- his GH4. He's so excited about this 4k camera, I've been calling it his girlfriend... All he wants to talk about is her!

I planned this outfit specifically for today because "on Wednesday's we wear pink!" I haven't worn these jeans and quite some time and what could be a more perfect occasion to break them out again than the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls!?

I got real matchy-matchy by carrying my very own baby: my pink Marc Jacobs bag. I tried to tone down the pinkishness of this look, but grounding it with a black and white bird print tunic (shout out to Maija!), and a pair of muted mint and grey striped flats (shout out to Mom!). Bonus points if you can spot my dinosaur earrings and Mrs necklace.

Bird Tunic // Similar
Pink Jeans // On Sale!
Striped Flats // Right here
Pink Bag // Pretty close