On The Road Again

When: Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Where: I-5

Today Alex and I drove up to the Bay Area from LA. Al booked 10 days of work in Berkeley, and my parents live on the Peninsula, so it was the perfect excuse to get out of dodge for a minute. I saw this mini-road trip as the perfect change to test drive (see what I did there?) my new-ish wide leg trousers. When Alex asked when I got them and I replied, "I've had them for a while," he made me re-evaluate what a couple weeks really amounts to in the grand scheme of things. Other reactions to these pants include (from my mother, as I walked in the door): "What are you wearing? Is that evening wear?!"

I thought these extra roomy pants were perfect for a long ride; they were so comfortable. Though, I'm not really sure if they count as pants in the first place -- they feel more like wearing two skirts at once, just one for each leg.

For the rest of my outfit I kept it really simple. I skipped makeup because really who's going to see me besides my husband and the drifters at the truck stop (and whoever reads this blog... oops.)?! These fun daisy patterned sunglasses covered up my tired-looking, mascara-free eyes. I've been wearing this A necklace I made a lot recently. I started selling these hand-embroidered necklaces at the flea market last week and I couldn't help but take one for myself. Keep your eyes trained on my etsy for these necklaces, coming very soon!

I'm looking forward to a week back in the Bay. I've heard things have changed a little around here since I've left. Mostly, I'm interested in what there is to eat these days. Anyone got suggestions for places to grub? I like food.