Into Idyllwild

When: Monday, April 21st, 2014

Where: Idyllwild!

Thing are always somewhat busy over here, but since getting back into LA after our trip to the Bay Area, it seems like life is more hectic than ever. Bucket is getting used to life back as a civilian, Alex just hired an assistant and is taking on more work then ever, I'm starting to do two markets a week, ramping up my etsy shop, taking on custom and freelance work, working a handful of odd jobs that I do more for love than for money, and we just threw the biggest EastOver party ever (that was so much fun, we forgot to take even a single photo)! So, when Alex booked a job in beautiful Idyllwild, we decided to drive up in the morning and make a day of it before the evening recital he would film.

Alex and I are seriously the worst at taking days off. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we both work from home, so we always feel guilty if we sit on the couch too long when our desks are a few steps away, but it also stems from the fact that we are both obsessed with our jobs and love what we do so much. It was awesome to walk around the quaint town and remind ourselves, "We are here for work," so we didn't feel too guilty about actually having a break. 

The weather was so perfect! It was warm and sunny, but with a nice breeze, which made it perfect for fuzzy jumper and mini skirt wearing. Since winter never came this year, I can't really jump for joy with the rest of the world screaming, "Spring is here!" But I do like thinking that the seasons are changing, and having an excuse to wear more springy colors, shorter hems, a floral-printed anything. That includes sunglasses.

Recently, I've been washing my hair a lot less -- don't get me wrong, I still shower, but I wear an old lady shower cap and skip the lather-rinse-repeat. It's a lot of work to wash these long tresses, and I don't like drying out my strands with too many harsh chemicals. So, I just find creative way to cover up 3-day old hair. These Heidi braids are my new obsession. I felt suuuper duper cute wearing my hair in a crown like this, an no one was the wiser to my unwashed do.

Idyllwild was so much fun, and I'm so glad we got the chance to get of out LA for the day and enjoy some time in a quieter world. It was such a treat to get to slow down and sip an iced honey latte while walking hand-in-hand with Alex and the pup. We loved looking in all the cute shops and taking in the incredible views. I'm hoping we can go back again soon and stay for a few days. I'm gonna need another one of those lattes.

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