Reel Talk

When: Sunday, March 23rd, 2013

Where: Vasquez Rocks, Dinner with Jess.

After a super productive end to my week -- I made 12 pairs of baby pants on Friday night, and then I set up, worked, and packed up my flea market booth all by myself on Saturday -- Alex and I decided to take what would appear to be some semblance of a day off on Sunday. It was a great day. We went out for breakfast, took a snuggle nap, I got a manicure, and we drove out to Vasquez Rocks Park. Technically, the last thing could be considered work because Alex needed to grab some (as they say in the industry) B roll of some desert-y scenes. Never one to miss out on a good photo-op, I threw on the best outfit I could think of with literally 12 minutes notice and we were off!

Alex has used Vasquez Rocks as a location a number of times (check this out!), but I had never been before. I think I was expecting to see something along the lines of Moab, so I wore rust again. The rocks weren't as red as I thought they'd be, but the place was super awesome, and I'd love to visit again when I'm wearing a more hiking appropriate outfit!

I do realize that this maxi skirt is slightly too mini to be worn with heels, but I couldn't wait to wear these new babies. While Alex was away on business, I got down to a little shopping business and bought these Dolce Vita gold heeled turquoisey wonders for a suuuuper good deal at Nordstrom Rack. Love that.

Life isn't always perfect, but having my husband back in town, a beautiful new pair of shoes, a dear friend to sip margaritas with, and a weekly sale at the Melrose Trading Post to look forward to, has really helped.

The last 18 months have been so wonderfully crazy! Getting engaged, planning a wedding, actually having the wedding. settling into our new apartment, running this blog, operating my business, helping Alex with his business, adopting a dog, becoming an aunt, having multiple part time jobs, and staying sane felt like a near impossibility. Everything in the above list was a positive thing that happened to me (or I made happen!) that I sometimes construed to be stressful or burdensome. I can forget how lucky I am. I'm hoping to be able to spend some time like I did today connecting with nature and my family and friends. It felt so good to poke my toes into the sand as I walked back to the car after taking these photos... It's the little things.

Blouse: Forever 21, similar.
Skirt: Anthropologie, similar.
Necklace: Etsy, similar.
Heels: DV by Dolce Vita, sold out. Pink ones here.
Bag: Kate Spade Saturday, similar.

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