Honeymoon Dreaming: Hawaiian Breeze

Even though Alex and I have been married for almost three months, we still haven't even planned our official honeymoon. Our minimoon was wonderful, but we always had the idea that we'd take a true honeymoon later on. We both can't decide where to go, and keep coming up with all these different destinations. One of the most fun parts of traveling for me is outfit planning, which means, of course, shopping! I'd like introduce to a first in a series... Honeymoon Dreaming.

Now picture this on a white sand beach!

I don't know why, but Hawaii evokes for me flashes of neon paired with cheery florals. I'd love to board the flight in a fun, bright yellow outfit, perfect travel bag in tow, sip a mai tai at thirty thousand feet in a mixed print tank. I'd jump into my bathing suit first thing upon arrival to soak up the sun, but be sure to protect my eyes in the most stylish way possible. After hours of playing in the surf with my new husband, it might be nice to get dressed up and feel the breeze in this pink dress, all while still getting to feel the sand between my toes with a comfortable pair of sandals under my feet. Sigh... Wouldn't that be perfect?
Naven Dress

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Do you have a dream destination?