Expect Clothing x MTP Taft

I apologize for the total radio silence over the past (whoa!) two weeks. I have been so consumed with the most exciting thing that has happened to me career-wise in a long time -- I got my own booth at the Melrose Trading Post at Taft! I have been lucky enough in the past to share a booth the the beautiful and talented girls of Vintage Redeux at the original, Fairfax location... But this time, I had my very own space. I felt so proud.

When I found out that I had a whole 10 by 10 foot booth to fill up about three weeks out, I set to sewing like a mad woman. Of course, just my luck, my brother serger that I've had since college (that I haven't maintained or had professionally cleaned once), decided it was time to permanently clock out and I was without a sewing machine for over a week. Disaster. Or sew (see what I did there?!) I thought.

In lack of a machine, I decided to put my hand sewing skills to use to create these ahhhhhhhhdorable -- if I do say so myself -- baby shoes, which I have aptly dubbed Cutesy Boots. I love making these! I get to got to my zen place as I lovingly craft each tiny pair and adorn them with handmade bows and vintage buttons. I made about forty pairs, and I could not be prouder or think of a better way to spend a week!

Once I got a new serger, about 5 days before showtime, I got down to business. Amazingly, I was able to hunker down in my studio and pump out massive amounts of baby dresses, repurposed scarf tee shirts, and maternity dresses. I one point, when I came up for air, I realized that I had made about 20 dresses in a 36 hour period. It was nutz.

Before I go any further, I need to make the hugest shoutout to my lovely assistant, beautiful bestie, and faithful friend, Jessica. I literally would not have gotten through opening day without her. From waking up before the sun, helping me haul my gear in and out of the market, encouraging me, consulting on dress design as well as booth layout, and overall being a super positive and wonderful person to be around, she really made the day fly by!

I am so incredibly grateful to be a part of this wonderful new outdoor market, and to have the opportunity to grow with it. It feels wonderful to have a space on this planet, even for one day a week, that's all my own. I need to extend a huge thank you to my brilliant husband for putting up with me when I was super stressed out and/or totally manic while I was preparing for the big day. I also want to thank not only my family, but also my parents, for telling me time after time that I could be whatever I wanted to be -- even if it were a flea market baby clothing designer!

 Another day, another dollar! Here's to many more!

Jacket: Max and Cleo, old. Similar.
Sunglasses: Kate Spade Saturday, Similar

Thanks to Hughie Stone Fish for taking these amazing shots!