Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I'm sorry, did you hear that I'm recently married? You know, I'm a newlywed. As in, I recently had a wedding. Well, if that is not abundantly clear, here's a post about gifts to buy for someone who is married. Hopefully that person is your wife.

One. This Mrs. Necklace from Kate Spade has been at the top of my wishlist since the moment I got engaged over a year ago. I think it's the perfect sweet gift to celebrate a new title!

Two. Call me crazy, but I love these pencils! This etsy shop will even personalize some for you. They can write anything you like, but I think having your new name printed on them would be lovely!

Three. You know how giving and getting lingerie can be kind of awkward? And also kind of useless? I think a fun and sexy gift that basically looks exactly like lingerie (but isn't) is a bathing suit! I like this modest, classic and flirty one from J Crew.

Four. There is nothing like a nice pop of pink for Valentine's Day! I simply adore how classic and romantic this Rebecca Minkoff bag is. Imagine opening this gift and just swooning over its beauty!