I didn't make any resolutions this year. I guess I was a little distracted. But it's never too late to resolve to improve right?

1. WEAR MORE HEELS. I am such a flats devotee, that I feel like it has put me in a rut lately. Heels have a way instantly elevating (see what I did there?) your style. I have so many of them, it's probably about time I take a few pairs out for a spin.

2. FLOSS. Let's be clear. I could really stand to care for my teeth better overall. Losing my teeth is one of my greatest fears, and yet I find myself eating in bed late at night and not getting back out of it to brush or floss. Gross. I need to fix that right now.

3. TAKE CARE OF MY SKIN. There are many nights when I am just to lazy to wash my makeup off before bed. Literally. Too lazy. I do my best to wear SPF everyday and I never tan, so I'm not so worried about that end of things, but it can't be good to sleep in makeup a couple nights a week. It's time to change that.

4. HUSTLE. One thing that really held me back in 2013 was being afraid to put myself and my business out there. I was so worried about approaching stores, bloggers, shoppers, etc because I felt that their rejection would ruin me. So frankly, I didn't even try. That ends now! It's time to be bold and make it happen!

5. BE HAPPY. This might sound like a silly resolution, but it's very real for me. I tend to get so bogged down in anything I'm struggling with that I let it run my life. I find that it seems I'd rather be upset, sad, frustrated, or just plain down, than push all that aside and fight for happiness. For a lot of people, I'm sure this isn't a problem. I'll bet that telling myself to just snap out of it won't fix everything, but, I think setting a goal of finding something to be happy about once a day will really improve my overall quality of life.

Anyone else have some mid-February resolutions?