Pink and Gold Office Inspiration

Update: Holy cow, a lot of you are coming here from pinterest! Hello, new friends! If you'd like to see the (semi)-final result of my makeover, check this out.

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I want my whole life to be pink and gold. Ever since switching over my blog to its current color scheme, I've been wanting to change my entire office! Pink, as a color, often gets painted as a little girls' only tone. I think in the right shade and paired with white and gold, it can be very sophisticated.

I'm working on overhauling my home studio to be more functional, inspirational, and a happier place to be!

I did a post about my home studio a while back, but let's check out what I'm working with:


I'm so lucky to have such a roomy, bright office to work in. My studio has changed a good deal since we moved into our apartment 15 months ago. Mostly, I've just managed to cram more crap into my work space. First things first, for my office makeover I need more storage! I also need more workspace. I need to keep one of my tables clear at all times for cutting, and the other is occupied with sewing machines, so I've decided to add another table. This one:

We got this green legged table off craigslist when we first moved to LA, but since we just got a real dining room table from Crate and Barrel (more on that later), this one is up for grabs. I think I'll paint the legs pink and give them that gold-dipped look by painting the bottom quarter soft gold.

I also want to add more art, recover the yellow chair in a pink floral or photorealistic print, and find a way to cover the hideous "vintage" air conditioner.

Wish me luck!