Perfect Sunday

When: February 9th, 2014

Where: The Perfect Sunday - dog park, shopping/antiquing with Alex, house hunting, and hanging at home.

It's rare that Alex and I both actually get a full day off together. Much less on a weekend day. It's been so long since either of us have been on a traditional work schedule, that I don't really believe in or understand what a day off is.

It was kind of a cloudy, chilly, overcast day, so I layered myself in lace and floral to brighten up and stay warm. After eating breakfast at home, our first stop of the day was the dog park. We always say that these dog park trips are solely for Bucket, but I have to admit, I get a lot of enjoyment out of watching that little bugger race around the grass. We had fun shooting these photos before heading down to Santa Monica.

We did a little shopping at CB2, Anthropologie, and Big Daddy's Antiques. We're having such a good time redecorating our apartment with adult furniture and accessories. It makes us feel more "married." So much so, that when we saw a couple of open houses in our neighborhood on the way back home, we couldn't help but peek in on what was for sale. Boy oh boy! We are not officially in the market for a house, but I don't see how anyone can afford to live around here! We looked at a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house priced at over a half a million dollars that needed work on literally every single surface. What!

When we got home, I made dark chocolate cupcakes, and we caught up on a couple of episodes of Downton Abbey. It was such a sweet Sunday... I wish I could have one like it every week!

Back to work.

Jacket and Dress: Urban Outfitters 
Sweater: Pas Un Ange
Belt: Gap
Tights and Boots: TJ Maxx
Sunglasses: Kate Spade Saturday
Necklace: J Crew
Bag: MARC by Marc Jacobs via Nordstrom Rack