When: Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Where: Home Studio, Work at Trinkets

You know how a really good pair of heels can make you feel extra special? You stand taller, walk with confidence, and feel more feminine. These chunky, strappy, suede wonders are my go-to when it comes to shoes with height. They are super comfortable thanks to the solid platform, and the ankle strap makes me feel so secure in them. Love!

Since this week's spotlight weekly link up theme is favorite heels, I decided to base my whole outfit around the rich burgundy color of my shoes. This color -- also known as oxblood -- was huge last fall, but since it feels more like summer than winter over here, I wanted to give this look a more springy spin.

This dress (which I received as a hand-me-down form Maija, thanks sis!) is the perfect pair to my shoes. The painterly print with dabs of burgundy, sky blue, and off-white lend itself perfectly to the color scheme I was going for. And just to be a little extra matchy-matchy, I threw on this burgundy powder coasted crystal necklace I snagged at J Crew last month for $12.49! Yay for sales, matching accessories, and previously-loved dresses.

Dress: Anthropologie via my sister, Maija
Shoes: Via Spiga via Marshall's
Necklace: J Crew
Belt: Gap Outlet