Kate Spade Surprise Sale

Guys. The best thing ever is happening right now but only for another day! The Kate Spade Surprise Sale! Seriously, these deals are to die for! There isn't anything featured in the sale for over $230!

One: This iPhone 4 case is only $19 (from $40) and basically checks all my boxes for things that are gold and dotted. Obsessed!

Two: These studs are adorable and also only $19 (from $38). I mean, really! They would match my Pardon My French necklace just perfectly.

Three: I'm dying over this striped bag! It's petite size makes it perfect for going out, and the pattern adds some extra interest. Not to mention it has a petite price to match! Just $69 (down from $158)!

Four: Just smile. I need this necklace in my life. On those extra tough days, it'd be nice to wear this little reminder around my neck. Just $29 (from $78)!

Five: Can we talk about this yummy little peachy delight for just one second? This tiny bag is the perfect travel companion. It'll fit your ticket and passport and a tube of lipstick, and after all, isn't that all a girl needs?! Also, $69 (down from $178).

Six: Um, hi! A real leather bag in this stunning turquoise for only $159? Sign me right up! Especially given that this bag started out at $428! Dang!

Seven: This dotted wonder is just the right size to carry my laptop and all my hopes and dreams as well. Only $89 (from $228)?! I'm sorry, I need this.

Eight: Hello, Hedgehog! Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a sucker for anything with an animal on it. I certainly don't have a hedgehog print in my collection yet. And for a measly $59 (down from $148)... Yeah, that's pretty amazing.

Nine: This makeup bag is cute enough to hold its own as a clutch. I just love the mixing of prints and the $25 price tag! (Down from $78.)