Be Mine

When: Monday, February 10th, 2014

 Where: Home Studio... embarassing Alex by wearing heels to the dog park.

Valentine's Day is this week! I'm so excited for our first holiday as a married couple, that I got started a few days early. The girls over at the Trend Spin Linkup decreed that red and pink would be the theme for this week, and I couldn't be more glad! Red and pink might be considered a Valentine's cliche, but I'm more than prepared to embrace it! 

I haven't had the chance to wear my Maison Margiela x H&M red and lucite heels since our engagement party two winters ago, so I took this opportunity to wear them out, even though it was only to take pictures in the park.

I wore this dress to our engagement photo shoot, and it remains one of my favorites. The stretchy lace is so comfortable and forgiving of my post-wedding weight gain. (I promise I'm not pregnant! I might be married, but we're not ready for that!) The bright coral color of my dress and necklace create quite a fun effect, I think. Maybe it's just me, but I love the girly, quirky combo that is this outfit!

I can't wait for this Friday! I'll have to plan a whole new outfit for our dinner date... Or maybe I'll just re-wear this whole look! For now, I'm looking forward to hosting our Olympic Game Viewing Party tomorrow night! I'm off to clean the whole house and get cooking!

Coat: Maralyn and Me, gift from sister, Lindsey
Dress: Urban Outfitters 
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Maison Margiela x H&M 
Bag: MARC by Marc Jacobs