Outfit: Thanksgiving Throwback

When: Thanksgiving, 2013

Where: Chaloff Family Dinner

Alright, so this might be something of an outfit throwback given the fact that this outfit is from last year, but I couldn't just let these photos sit around. And besides, I think this outfit is pretty okay.

I got this nice butternut squash colored dress during my year without shopping by using a handy dandy gift card on anthro.com and, dang, it was worth it! This was the perfect stretchy dress wear while bolting down four slices of pumpkin pie. And it didn't hurt that I looked like a pie either.

My mom got me this amazing crystal belt from anthro for my birthday and even though it might have been pretty over the top, I paired it with these huge j crew crystal dangle earrings. More sparkle, more better.

The boots were a hand-me-down from my sister, and boy, am I grateful for them! I've worn them so many times since picking them up from her over my bridal party/ birthday trip to Mass. I'm kind of digging my hair here, too. I miss that strawberry ombre at home dye job I gave myself, but I'm pretty sure my ends have completely had it and it's time for a major slice. I'll probably have to bid fair well to about 3 inches of straw-like locks, if I want to get my hair back in working order.

| Dress and Belt: Anthropologie |
| Sweater: Urban Outfitters |
| Earrings: j crew |
| Boots: Hand me down |
| Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs |