Outfit: Chasing Waterfalls

When: Wednesday, January 8th, 2014
Where: Beautiful Big Sur

Excuse the no makeup, but hello! I'm a rustic wood nymph, kay? Big Sur was so beautiful! As we left Pismo Beach, the highway 1 views opened up ahead of us, and we wound up the winding road into a misty, chilly, beachside wonderland. It weather was the closest thing to winter we felt the whole trip, and wearing layers was a welcome change.

We took a hike out to the Pfeiffer Falls, and the view was stunning! We took in the sights during our short winter daytime hours, before heading back to the honeymoon cabin at the Lucia Lodge to watch the sunset from our dinner table on a cliff over hanging the Pacific. The best part of Big Sur was the absence of TV or internet in our room. It was so nice to sit by our wood stove fire, drink wine, and read. It made me wish that Alex and I took more opportunities to unplug and enjoy being analog for a minute every now and again.

To stay warm in the winter ocean air, I bundled in cozy knit layers. This outfit wasn't as well planned as others were that I wore on our trip, but I was grateful Alex had encouraged me to pack extra leggings, and scarf and a wool sweater. Totally came in handy!

| Jacket: Urban Outfitters |
| Sweater: Gap |
| Dress: Free People via TJ Maxx |
| Leggings: American Apparel |
| Earrings and Scarf: J Crew |
| Boot: Hand Me Downs |
| Bag: MARC by Marc Jacobs via TJ Maxx |