Closet Need: Sweaters

In this next installation of things I do not have in my closet, behold:

#12 -- Cardigans or crew neck sweaters in every color.

While I already posses most of the brights, I'm severely lacking in the white and red departments when it comes to cardigans. These are my two favorites:

1. Target, $22.99. As you may well know, I'm mad for dots! I love this white cardi because it is far from basic, but will go with so many outfits!

2. Modcloth, $34.99. It may seem like I've been knocking the basics lately, but this super simple cherry red button down sweater is picture perfect to me.

Let's talk cozy knits for just one second:

3. JCrew, $168. This falls somewhere between the crew neck in every color (#12) and the chunky sweater (#11) categories. I don't care how you want to classify this sweater -- it's glorious! I'd kill a puppy do anything to have this hanging in my wardrobe.

Oh man, when fall meets flowers, I'm one happy girl:

4. H&M, $9.95. This baby definitely fills my need for a chunky sweater and the price can't be beat!

5. Forever21, $14.80. Okay, so this floral sweatshirt is for kids. So, sue me. It's absolutely adorable. Go order yourself a XL and thank me later.

6. Topshop, $58. If you absolutely insist on buying adult sizes, this moody athletic-meets-girly pull over comes in at a very close second.