Closet Need: Blazers

So, true: I already own a blazer. It's an ill-fitting grey thing I got used a years ago. I'm probably just about due for a new one. These are my faves.

#14 -- A Neutral Blazer

1. ASOS,  $101. A sequin blazer is a must for me. It's the perfect way to dress up a pair of boyfriend jeans, or cover up a formal dress.
2. Nordstrom, $79.50. I love the subtle print and new neutral of this oxblood colored blazer! I could wear this a hundred different ways.
3. JCrew, $178. A soft and cozy velvet blazer like this one is perfect for fall and winter. In LA, not coat is required, but I wouldn't mind wearing this around town on those 60 degree nights!
4. Anthropologie,  $128. Ugh, I love this one. A sweater knit blazer? That's a need!