Outfit: Mad for Plaid

When: Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Where: Malibu Beaches with Alex

Alex and I have been working our butts off at your respective businesses, working for each other at those businesses, and  planning a wedding. We finally had a morning off and decided to take the half day and head to the beach. 

Fall has come but apparently Los Angeles didn't get the message. Not that I'm complaining -- heading to the beach at the end of September is amazing -- but I could really use a cool breeze, a cup of cider, and a pumpkin muffin right about now. To get me in the fall mood, I tuned in once again to the Coast to Coast Challenge. As one of my fellow instagrammers noted, it's like having your mom pick out your outfit in the morning. The theme of the day was plaid, which I could not be more thrilled about!

This printed plaid dress is one of my closet favorites. I was so thrilled when my look appeared on the Coast to Coast site again! Good to know the world loves this dress as much as I do. I topped off one print with another, as I am want to do. I love this polka dot blazer -- it is light enough for these faux fall days when you want more coverage, but don't want to sweat that comes with it. I finished off the look with yet another print: leopard! Something about that animal print really screams Autumn to me. I'm so looking forward to heading out east next month! Hopefully I'll get to wear some layers and see some fall colors, too!

| Jacket: Soto Sherman Oaks |
| Shoes: Rocketdog via Marshalls |
| Bag: Vintage Coach :: Similar |
| Necklace: Kate Spade |