Closet Staples

1. Two pairs of skinny jeans. One in a dark wash and one in a light.
     These are great go-to pieces for almost anything! Wear them casual on weekends, dress them up for a date, style them professionally for work.

2. A pair of printed pants.
     Printed pants have all the appeal of comfortable sweatpants, with a little something extra. Perfect for those lazy days when you want to wear jeans and a tee, but with a little oomph!

3. A nice pair of trousers.
    Every girl should own a real pair of pants -- something professional and polished. These don't have to be stuffy, but should be in a neutral color like grey or navy, and fit properly.

4. A maxi skirt.
    I can't say enough about maxis! Perfect for those summer days when you forget to shave your legs, or for those crisp fall days when you want to feel cozy. The right maxi will make you feel breezy and free while looking oh so chic.

5. A pencil skirt.
     Seriously. Get a few of them -- they go with everything and always help to pull an outfit together.

6. A circle skirt.
     This fun, flirty style is super classic. Made for swing dancing in, a full circle skirt will put you in the happiest of moods!

7. A romper.
    Not really bottoms, or a top, but both! Just get one and you'll see why I love them so much!

8. A white button down shirt.
     This doesn't have to be plain and boring! Pick one with some interest, but classic enough to stand the test of time.

9. A clean white and black tee.
     Two basic tees in two basic colors are indispensable! You will wear them with everything, all the time.

10. A peplum top.
     This may sound trendy, but a peplum really dresses up what might otherwise be a basic tank. There are so many ways to style a peplum top, you could wear it every day of the week, easily.

11. A chunky sweater.
     A nice, cozy, thick sweater is great in the fall and winter. Pick a neutral color and you'll be able to wear it with many different outfits.

12. Cardigans or crew neck sweaters in every color.
    I love layering a cardigan over a dress for a bit more coverage and warmth, plus they complete and outfit so perfectly! The same goes for crew necks. You'll want one in every color to go with every single one of your outfits.

13. A sheer black button down.
    I actually own two of these -- a sleeveless and a long sleeve version. I layer them under sweaters and dresses with the collar sticking out, over tanks, and tuck them into skirts and jeans. Honestly, one of the most versatile items in my closet, once you have one you won't know what you ever did with out it!

14. A neutral blazer.
    Black or grey are my favorites. You can pick classic suiting fabrics, but I love a jersey one. It feels like a sweater, but looks so polished!

15. A leather jacket.
    Leather doesn't always have to be black. Pick a fun color to stand out, or a different neutral like beige, blush, grey, oxblood, etc. Mine is forest green and I love it!

16. A jean jacket.
    Denim is great for all seasons. If you'd wear it on your legs, why not wear it on your back?

17. A cute winter coat.
    Especially if you live in a cold climate, having a fun winter coat will brighten up your whole look. Choose one in a unique color, or with an oversized collar or fun buttons. You're going to wear this piece a lot, so make sure it's not boring!

18. LBD. LWD.
    The Little Black dress is an obviously closet go-to, but I think a Little White Dress is just as important! Having a dress in a basic color that you can style many different ways can be a life saver on those days when there is "nothing to wear" and your running late.

19. An easy day dress.
    I am the biggest dress proponent. I have almost 200 different day dresses -- I basically live in them! Having at least one that you can throw on and go is great.

21. A maxi dress.
    See above for my maxi skirt recommendation. The same goes here... You can live in a maxi dress! It's a one piece outfit! A slouchy one in heather grey will go for miles!

22. The going out dress.
    Go crazy. This dress should make you feel amazing! Pick prints, cutouts, lace, sequins... anything that makes you feel like a dancing queen.

23. A classic swimsuit.
    I might have a slight swimsuit addiction, but if I could only have one, I would choose a strapless maillot with some ruching and possibly a floral print.
24. Pumps in black and nude.
      Once again, you'll wear these all the time. You just will. 

25. Black ballet flat.
    I live in my black flats. They are comfortable, go with everything, and I can slip into them in a second!

26. Cute sneakers like keds.
    I love the look of casual sneakers with a dress. A canvas shoe looks great with jeans, too.

27. Pop of color shoe.
    These shoes should be fun! A red wedge would be fab!

28. Cute, almost dressy sandal.
    Let me emphasize that flip flops do not count.

29. Comfortable wedges.
     Wedges are a great alternative to a true heel. When you want the height and dressy effect without the pain, a wedge is a great substitute.

30. Over the knee boots.
     Get a flat pair and wear these all winter with tights, leggings, dresses, jeans... everything!

31. Ankle boots.
      Especially hot right now, ankle boots can be born any time of the year. A leopard print boot is always cute!

32. A black one and a nude one that will fit at your hips and at your waist.
     I. love. belts. I could wear one with every single outfit. They define your shape and keep your pants up at the same time!

33. A red belt.
      You'd be amazed how often you'll wear this.

34. A black crossbody.
     Great for traveling, or a night out at the club, it should be big enough to hold your wallet, phone, keys and a tube of lipstick, but small enough to remain light.

35. A red handbag.
     Wear this with an all black outfit and watch heads turn!

36. A nude tote that will fit your laptop, etc.
    Try to find one that is slightly utilitarian, but still stylish. It's always great to have a bag that can carry all your crap without looking crappy.

37. A printed or textured bag.
     Having a unique bag to switch out from your regular one will brighten any look.

38. Tiny going out bag like a clutch.
    For those times you want to carry hardly anything. Get a fun one with sparkle or interesting hardware. A wrist strap is always a plus.

40. A perfect watch.
     I can not function without a watch. Finding a color neutral one makes it possible to wear mine every day.

41. Everyday stud earrings.
     Diamonds or pearls are great, but my favorite are labradorite!

42. Simple charm necklace.
     A great little gold charm adds just enough interest to an outfit without going overboard.

43. Stackable bracelets.
     You'll want a few of these to mix and match.

44. Thin rings.
     Wear them all on one finger, or spread them out across your hand, a simple stack of rings can really make an impact.

45. Statement necklace.
     Big, sparkly necklaces are so the norm now, they should hardly be called a 'statement' necklace! Get one and wear it all the time.

46. A couple great pairs of sunglasses.
    Pick a pair that's right for your face and then get a variation on that just for fun. Protect your eyes!


47. Nude underwear that match your flesh tone.
     I wish I only had nude underwear in my drawer! These should be invisible even under the sheerest white pants.

48. A nude strapless bra.
    See above. No one wants to see your neon green bra at a formal event.

49. A multiway bra.
     NuBra is a stick on bra that make it possible to wear even the lowest backed dresses. Finding a bra with removable straps that can attach in different ways is also a plus.

50. Bombshell lingerie.
    Just a little something to make you feel amazing!