New Since the New Year

So far my year without shopping has been going alone swimmingly. I haven't spent a dime of my own money on new clothing, shoes, or accessories. But that didn't stop me from acquiring a few new pieces. Thanks to some generous friends and a few key trades, I'm the proud owner of the items below.

1. Ellen Tracy knit pencil skirts from Costco. My mom gifted me the camel colored version of this skirt just after the New Year, and when the black and charcoal styles popped up for just $12.99, she generously scooped up those for me, as well! These are great basics. I've worn them here and here, and countless times I haven't photographed.

2. Lobster shirt from the Men's section of Old Navy. I simply had to have this shirt for my family trip to Maine. Alex was kind enough to treat me to this small wonder. I've only worn it once, but I'm sure I'll get tons of use out of this quirky print!

3. While we were out getting the lobster shirt, I walked past a sale rack and remarked about how cute these gingham shorts are. After a popped out of the dressing room with shirt and shorts, Alex added them to the stack and I got both! Here they are on my body.

4. While in Boston at the end of June, Alex's mother treated me to this new Kate Spade bag. It's my new favorite thing in the world and I can't stop wearing it! Check it out here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Love it!

5. I made the very big mistake of walking into Urban Outfitters during their 50% off sale Sale. Luckily, I has just done some tailoring for a friend, for which he owed me the exact sum of what the shoes rang up for. In lieu of payment, we swapped for shoes! Yippee!

6. While on work/vacation in Las Vegas, I wore a hole clean through my trusty black flats. Alex stepped in and took me to Topshop to pick up these basic flats which also served as my Valentine's Day gift!

So there you have it. Six months into my year without shopping, and I have 6 new items. Of course, there are a few basic things that I've noticed are missing from my wardrobe that I can't wait to invest in when I can shop again... As well as fun items I've drooled over. But I'll save that for another post!