Day 323 -- Dress for Days

When: Friday, July 19th, 2013

Where: Work at Trinkets, Studio, Dog Park

This outfit took me all over the place. From working my first shift alone at my new part-time job, to squeezing in some pattern drafting in my studio, to taking Bucket out to the park, this swinging dress and lightweight sweater kept me cool and on the move. 

This is one of those dresses that was too good to just own one. That's why I have one in mint and one in yellow. The cotton lace is lined with jersey, which makes this dress so comfortable and breezy. The only problem is that it is almost completely backless, so it's impossible to wear  regular bra with it -- which is very important to me. So, I usually wear a bra, layer a sweater over the dress and forget about it being backless in the first place.

Dress: Pins and Needles via Urban Outfitters | Sweater: Pas Un Ange
Belt: Target | Shoes: Topshop | Bag: Kate Spade