Day 314 -- Hard vs Soft

When:  Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Where: Studio

It's amazing what happens when I put a little effort into getting dressed and taking photos. I end up getting, like, thirty "likes" on instagram. And I like that!

But, what I like more, is feeling good and excited about what I'm wearing. I'm loving this hard/soft trend that's been going on for the past few years. Call me a Lolita, a punk, or just a girl who thinks floaty white dresses and combat boots look cute together, I don't care! This look makes me feel happy!

The best part about this outfit is that while it feels brand new to me, everything was already in my closet. Every now and again, I get that urge to go shopping -- expecially when an Urban Outfitters Surplus opens a block from my apartment, or when TJ Maxx just started their summer markdowns, or when the fall 2013 couture shows blow your mind and you instantly need to update your closet... But I'm trying so hard to remember that a) I have no money to spend of frivolous things (read: anything other than food and rent) and b) my closet is already bursting with goodies.

Dress: Forever 21 | Belt: ASOS | Shoes: Dolce Vita for Target | Earrings: Urban Outfitters