Day 301 -- Salty Sea Dog

When: Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Where: Little Rental House

The chilly weather forced me into a pair of pants... Luckily I brought cute ones! We stayed inside most of the day. Dear friends, Chuck and Evelyn came in from Boston and I prepared a huge breakfast with Alex. 

After we ate, we combed the beach for treasures, made up silly games on the couch, worked on puzzles, and laughed a lot. 

We went into down to pick up a second round of lobsters at Jess's Market, and they even had a blue lobster! It was so cool. But, not for sale. By the time we got back, it was time to start cooking again. We brought in sea water to boil to lobster in and the result was incredible! Yummy, salty, buttery lobster meat always hits the spot!

I didn't pack very many warm outfits because I was secretly willing the sun to come out by way of my suitcase, but this sweater jeans combo worked just fine. This outfit definitely leans on the preppy side for me, but it kind of brought the New Englander out in me. And I didn't mind.

Jeans: Rich and Skinny via TJ Maxx | Blouse: Forever 21 | Sweater: Gap
Shoes: Keds | Necklace: Alexis Bittar