Day 300 -- Set Sail

When: Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Where: Vinalhaven

What an amazing day! We took the ferry out to Vinalhaven, a small about an hour off the coast. This tiny island had the smallest of small town feels, with tons of charm, history, and incredible views. In true Benitz form, as soon as we got off the ferry, we headed straight for lunch. Of course, I had more seafood!

We wandered around the island, up and down main street, and up a hill to the history museum. As we were coming back down the other side of the hill, we came upon this pile of lobster pots. To me, this is the most iconic thing about Maine we kept coming across. I love their bright colors and graphic nature, but it's amazing to think that these we're stacked up here for looks! Fishermen actually use these very pots to make their living. It was fun for me to see something on the side of the road that, if it we're in LA, would have a massive price tag on it, and people would use to decorate their lofts with.

In honor of our ferry trip, I wore my most nautical outfit. We think of stripes as sea-worthy thanks to 17th century France. Mid-century stripes were introduced to the naval uniform for all the sailors in Brittany. The fashion stuck when local workers adopted discarded uniforms due to their ease of wear.

I paired my stripey dress with a yellow sweater with a rope print, and an actual rope belt. Don't I look like I'm ready to set sail?

 Dress: Trollied Dollies | Sweater: Forever 21 | Shoes: Keds | Belt: Self Made | Earrings: Alexis Bittar