Day 299 -- Lobster Lover

When: Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Where: Camden, Moose Point

What could be more Maine than a lobster shirt? This men's shirt popped up on my instagram feed about a week ago, and I knew I had to have it for my trip. There was only one small problem. Luckily, I have an extremely generous fiance who treated me to a mini shopping spree. It was such a thrill to go shopping that when I was trying pieces on, I burst out of the dressing room door dancing and lip syncing to the muzak. It cracked Alex up!

Originally, I picked out a pair of gingham shorts at Old Navy to go with this shirt, but after seeing this outfit, I knew that shorts were out of the picture. I didn't have a full, swingy skirt in my wardrobe that would work, so I whipped up this little baby with what I already had in my closet. BAM! New outfit!

I so enjoyed wearing my new duds even though my outfit was wildly inappropriate for a hike along the beach. My sisters definitely had more appropriate attire!

Shirt: Old Navy | Skirt: Self Made | Shoes: Restricted via TJ Maxx | Necklace: Second Time Around