Day 274 -- Colorful Chorale

When: Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Where: Recording Angel City Chorale with Alex

It was my second day on the job (officially) working with Alex! Technically, I have been helping him out for a while, but this time around it felt real. This was our second time recording the Angel City Chorale. The last time we did, I wore black and looked like a member of the choir. So this time, I went for a more colorful approach, complete with comfy shoes.

I've worn this spotted Marc dress a number of times before,  and it seems I've always styled it very similarly. This marigold sweater pairs perfectly with the golden dots on the dress... And when something works, I don't mess with it! I worked in the other colors in the dress by including a pop of bright coral in my purse and belt.

I know many people consider matching your bag to your belt -- or any other accessory -- to be a fashion crime, but I still love it! A little coordination never killed anyone... Just don't match every accessory on your body!

I've also been wearing my hair up a lot lately. I'm trying to grow it out for my wedding, which has kept me from damaging it with dye, but I'm really not feeling the accidental ombre I'm rocking right now. What say ye? Should I touch it up? Go bright red again? Help!


Dress: MARC by Marc Jacobs via Marshall's | Sweater H&M | Belt: Alice and Olivia
Bag and Necklace: Kate Spade | Shoes: Keds | Sunglasses: Raybans