Bucket's Beard

I'm sorry, but can we just take a second to discuss Bucket's beard situation, please?

I just ran across the photo on the left which is from the day we adopted him. We did not know he was even going to be a beardly man! What the heck?

I mean, he is turning 1 this month, after all, but for serious, does he have to look so old already?

I've tried trimming his beardo down, but as soon as he hears the first snip, he runs for the crate to hide. I'd say that we should involve a professional groomer, but after his nail clipping experience yesterday -- which I'm still not over, by the by -- I don't think dragging a stranger into our drama is the solution.

Do you think he'll look like father Christmas by his 2nd birthday?

(This has been the most random post ever.)