Now Craving: Cell Phone Cases

So far, my year without shopping has been going great. But every now and then, I get this huge craving to buy something new. Right now. I'm really wanting a new case for my phone. I saw that amazing brass knuckles cell phone case on pinterest, and I'm basically dying over it! I'm not really a rough'n'tough kind of girl usually, but OMG, how awesome is that thing?

I'm also really loving the purse style cases. I love the ones that hold your phone, credit cards, ID, etc because they're perfect for going out and keeping all your shit on your person. But, if I'm honest, I don't really go out all that much. So, can I please have the mini fake-out purse instead? How adorable is it to attach a chain to a rubber case and call it a purse? I love it!

Right now, I have a really wonderful Kate Spade chit chat hard case, and I love it, but sometimes you just want a change, you know? This pink scalloped case is so soft and pretty. It might be a good change of pace from my bright yellow one.

Ugh! I'm so hungry for new cases! So, I submit to you, oh great internet users... If anyone has $7 to spare, would you mind snagging me that brass knuckles case from eBay? I have an iPhone 4s, in case you care. I know my birthday isn't for eight months... but... but...