Day 237 -- Native Nation

When: Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Where: Work at Industry

After two days in a row of boring jeans outfits, I wanted to wear a dress... It was a bit overcast when I woke up and I also knew that a mini skirt wouldn't fly at an office. (Also, I'm the only girl, so I try not to dress too "girly." Gotta blend in!)

On my first day, Fernando gifted me this awesome belt -- called a faja -- and I was super inspired by it. I pulled this sweater out of the very back of my closet where it has been hanging since my trip to Europe two years ago, because I thought the pattern in the knit would go with the belt really well. I used this maxi dress as a backdrop for the main pieces, and finished the look with leopard flats, of course.

Dress: Victoria's Secret | Sweater: Forever 21 | Belt: Industry of All Nations 
Shoes: Rocketdog via Marshall's | Sunglasses: Raybans via Rue La La