We had so much fun at our Eastover party. Here are a couple snaps from the day.

The blue and green eggs before I hid them all over the house.

The dessert spread. Carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, chocolate dipped peeps, vanilla cupcakes with lemon blueberry icing, and lots of jelly beans! Note the hidden eggs.

Get it? Challah-ujah? You know, a little Jewish, a little Jesus...

Cute little baby chick.

The spring flowers clipped from the courtyard starting to bloom.

Can you find all four?

Another view of the spread, this time including deviled eggs, bowls for soup, and our new DIY art display.

Our new bar, complete with Mangochewitz dispenser!

Hughie found the afikomen! He gets $2!

The beautiful eggs we dyed.