Day 205 -- Theater Girl

When: Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where: The Pantages Theatre for Catch Me If You Can, The Musical

Even though Alex and I worked in the morning, we called it quits at a normal time in order to get dressed up to go out to the theater! It's hard to believe that two theatre nerds who have been together for over two years, have never seen a live play together! Alex had a friend in the pit band who got us tickets, so of course, we couldn't resist! Now, I'm not in the business of reviewing Broadway shows, so I'll just keep it to fashion here, okay?

I got this dress from Anthro around my birthday with that extra-fun coupon they give you during your birthday month. I love this piece so much, I can't believe I've only worn it once! I guess now that I'm not working in a super fashion forward or formal environment (because I work for myself, by myself), I don't have occasion to wear a retro-inspired, fit and flare, strapless, printed midi dress. It was nice to pull it out for a special occasion like this one! Since this dress has a 1950s feel, I tried to play with and against it, as to not get too costume-y. This little purse is kind of a joke, but so cute! It definitely has that fifties feel, so I kept my other accessories modern.

Dress: Girls of Savoy via Anthropologie | Sweater: Alice and Olivia via Goodwill
Belt: Anthropologie | Shoes: Elizabeth and James via Wasteland | Necklace: Maya Brenner

P.S. Don't you love how Bucket keep poking his head into my pictures? Also, I didn't realize how close this outfit is to the last time I wore this dress!