Day 198 -- Little Leprechaun

When: Sunday, March 17th, 2013 -- St Patrick's Day!

Where: Studio, brunch at The Local Peasant with Alex

When I first started my maternity wear business, I started trolling the internet for inspiration and one of the first blogs I found was Little Baby Garvin. I picked up reading right in the middle of Jessica's pregnancy and I loved all the pictures that she posted of her growing bump. What I didn't realize I'd take away from reading her blog was a new found love for holidays! This stylish mom has a tendency to overcelebrate and really enjoy special days to their fullest.

Her blog really inspired me to do the same! I'm planning a big party for this coming Easter/Passover (EastOver in our family), but I also couldn't resist indulging in St Patricks Day a little bit too. The first step for me was getting decked out in green. Once I had taken that step, it was hard to keep from making my whole outfit about a theme. So I didn't resist.

This striped dress was the jumping off point, but then I added a rainbow belt and I really started feeling the luck of the Irish. Now, you can't have a rainbow without a pot of gold, so I added some yellow touches to represent that. My bright yellow sweater even has a chain print... How apropos!

Dress, Sweater and Belt: Forever 21 | Shoes: Gap
Bag: Kate Spade via Nordstrom Rack | Shades: Raybans via Rue La La

And since I was raised to believe that the best way to celebrate is with food, we definitely dug in a little bit. We had Guinness chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and green sprinkles, festive drinks with brunch -- mine was called the Tall Leprechaun, indulged in delicious crab cake benedict, and I made yummy Guinness beef stew with the rest of the beer I had left over from the cupcakes. So fun!