The Challenge

There is only one rule to the challenge:

1. I will buy no clothing, shoes, or accessories during the year of 2013.

There are, however, several exceptions the the rule:

1. I can shop for my wedding. I mean, how will I get any wedding preparations done if I can't buy a wedding dress (and shoes, and jewelry... and a rehearsal dinner dress, and and bridal shower dress...)?

2. Unmentionables can be replaced as needed.

3. I will accept gifts, gift cards with which to shop, trades, and loans. I just won't spend my own money this year!

4. I can make new clothing for myself.

So, this is what I'm working with for the next year:

127 dresses
36 sweaters
25 blouses
27 skirts
23 pairs of pants
6 shorts
26 tank tops
30 tee shirts
20 belts
19 handbags
11 bathing suits
6 coats
64 pairs of shoes

Please support me as I embark on this challenge. I'm making an effort to kill my shopping addiction, save money for my new business, and dress with what I already have. Now let's see show this goes...