Day 153 -- Business Floral

When: Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Where: Warner Brothers Records for a fitting!

It's time to let you know about one of the exciting projects I've been working on. For the past week, I've been hard at working designing, sketching, creating, stitching, and redesigning two custom dresses for a music video for a Warner Brothers Records artist! If you follow me on instagram, you got a little baby sneak peek of what the project was all about.

I'm going to stay mum about all the gory details until I know I have clearance to blab about it, but trust me... This is a good one! Working on this project was so much fun and really gave me purpose. For the first time since I quit my job, I was working on a project with a goal in sight and I could actually see results. It was great to collaborate with other creative minds and see the fruits of our labors really come together! 

Jessica, my stylist friend, who has worked with the label before, tipped me off to the fact that WBR (see how cool I am for using that acronym!?) is really casual, but I always stick to the idea that a blazer is professional and always appropriate for any business meeting. This one is fun and funky and not too stuffy, and paired with bright jeans, a neutral tee, and one piece of statement jewelry, it could be perfect for anything from the office to the bar!

Blazer: Principessa Venice | Shirt: Dolce Vita | Jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters | Necklace: Second Time Around | Shoes: Deena and Ozzy via Urban Outfitters